Starting over

It’s time to start Book 3. 

I like beginnings.  Setting up that fresh new file is such fun.  Lovingly formatting the header and page number.  Gently adjusting the margins.  Studiously contemplating font and line spacing.  I swear the cursor blinks joyfully at the beginning.

I love writing the opening chapters where I spill out tons of backstory.  I indulge in random scene setting and huge swaths of navel gazing for endless pages.  I idle through pointless tea-drinking montages and character throat-clearing.  The dialogue tends toward the ridiculously witty — at least in my mind.

What?  I said I like beginnings.  I didn’t say I was good at them.

Somewhere around Chapter 4, I’ll realize the story has to actually start, and then the writing gets hard.  But those first three chapters…  Ah.

5 thoughts on “Starting over

  1. It is sooo weird to be working on 2011. I mean, I haven’t even Christmas shopped yet. Okay, honestly, I haven’t even bought Halloween candy yet. Okay, okay, super honestly, I haven’t done this morning’s breakfast dishes. Who can think about 2011?!

  2. LOL! This is hilarious Jessa. 🙂 I can feel your pain. I end up lopping off all kinds of nonsense at the beginnings of my stories. But I almost feel like I have to write all that stuff just to know my characters better.

    Or so I justify.

    Good luck with Book 3!


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