Harvest time

Oh, the end of summer is here.  I can deny it no longer.  XY and I walked Monster Girl late the other day and came home in the dark.  The leaves on one of the trees at the park are touched with yellow.  I saw my breath last night.

But the change of seasons brings pleasures too.


The corn on the cob, the salad on the bottom left (greens, carrots, beets, and cabbage), and the salsa upper right (tomatoes and peppers), all came from the garden.


Even yummier, today, we picked the peaches and grapes.

And finally, the most nervously awaited harvest of all…

box ext


As neatly packed as little grapes, a box of little heroes.  Yummiest of all 🙂

Don’t forget to take the quiz in the post before this for your change to win one of these.  I’d send you a peach too but those don’t travel as well through the USPS.


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