Guesting galore

If you want to try for a free copy of SEDUCED BY SHADOWS, today is definitely the day.  I’m a guesting all over God’s green blogs (and some more infernal ones).  I’d love to hear from you at any or all places.

There’s Cynthia Eden’s Month of Monsters.  I have my monster sketches up and an excerpt from “Boys’ Night Out,” my free online short story.  While you’re there, check out the chest on Cynthia’s Night Guard hero, Jude.  Oh my.

RBTBI’m also over at Romance: B(u)y The Book, waxing lyrical about dark heroes.  (Obviously they wax too, yeah?)  Michelle Buonfiglio’s Bellas are some of the sweetest romance readers on the planet.  And their eye for a studly hero cover is unfailing.

Penguin logoAnd all this week I’m going on and on and on about me me me and my book book book at the official Penguin site.  I start Monday with a little bit about worldbuilding.

So stop on by for your chance to win.  Tomorrow it’s official!

Oh, and I also posted my book video at Silk And Shadows.



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