Stamp yourself

Because I admire the aesthetics of piercings and tattoos but have a notable aversion to pain, I had a bunch of temporary tattoos made up with the @1 insignia. 

If you haven’t read SEDUCED BY SHADOWS, this will make no sense to you, Sorry.  Inside joke.


But if you’d like a temp tat for yourself, loved ones, or strangers who you can sneak up on and press a damp rag to for 30 seconds while the tat sets, send me a message through the contact page on this here website with your physical address and I’ll mail you a little piece of the Marked Souls.

While supplies last.  Warning:  The envelope will come with a weird mixture of stamps — Christmas stamps, postcard stamps, 1- and 2-cent stamps.  Which is not at all aesthetic, but at least one of my desk drawers will be slightly tidier and you’ll get a free tattoo.  Win-win.

— Jessa


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