More guest postings

If only I could count all these words toward NaNoWriMo.

I’m at Number One Novel talking about writing and reading, and at In Search of Heroes interviewing my hero, Ferris Archer.

And as always on Mondays, I’m at Silk And Shadows musing on Halloween costumes.


2 thoughts on “More guest postings

  1. I haven’t followed you around all the guest postings – hope you get a break to write again soon. 🙂

    SEDUCED BY SHADOWS IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!! I started at 8:30pm last night – crawled in bed at 2:30 am. Started again by 10am this morning – didn’t (couldn’t!) stop until HEA. LOL!! Awesome start to the series! Great style, amazing characters, a fantastically twisted mind (behind) that created a phenomenal world.

    Success is yours – now take a deep breath and gift us with more dynamic stories!

    Loved-loved-loved it!


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