Need hot guy art

I need a picture (royalty free; like from one of those pay-once-and-run-amok photo sites such as istock, dreamtime, etc.) for the cover of a short story I’m working on.  What I’m looking for:

  • A male (go figure)
  • Dark & brooding (ooh, shocker, that one)
  • Muscular (three for three)
  • Shaved head
  • Forearm(s) or at least shoulder(s) prominent in the shot

In short, I need a photo of Corvus Valerius, the poor, misunderstood… Okay, never mind.  Even he knows he’s evil.  But every bad guy needs a mug shot.

I’ve skimmed through the usual sites, but haven’t found anything that jumped out at me.  Sad to say, pix of dark, brooding, muscular males aren’t as easy to find as you’d like to think.

If somebody sends me a shot I can use, I’ll send you a copy of SEDUCED BY SHADOWS or FORGED OF SHADOWS, your choice, plus a limited edition printed copy of the short story when I get it all put together.

Post the link in comments.  And enjoy the search.

2 thoughts on “Need hot guy art

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