Taking pix of myself–thrilling post

Egads, vacation shots.  But since my flight options into Orlando arrived first thing in the a.m. — first thing as in 2 a.m. — I wanted to give myself a day to recover.  Cough, cough.  Ah, the exhaustion.

My free day was hijacked by Darla Luke and Su Lute — who call themselves the Luke & Lute show, and now I know why.  Darla forced us onto a monorail tour of all central Florida.  We did most of Disney for free in about three hours.  I was a good girl and wore lots of sunscreen.  We stopped at Disney Downtown to be inspired — as good little romance writers are — by chocolate:

The Ghirardelli ductwork above my head says “Melted Dark Chocolate.”  Mmm…  Don’t make fun of the hat. 

The Dolphin Hotel is lovely.  Due to a bit of a room assignment mix up, we got upgraded to a balcony room:

Sorry for the MySpace avatar angle.  Here’s a worse one of me working reeeally hard:

No, I was working hard.  I was even late for happy hour because the hotel has a cool sandcastle building area with a light misting spray for optimal sand dampening effect:

When was the last time I played in the sand?  Must make more of an effort.  Although I suppose sand creature building and effort are mutually exclusive.  It’s all for fun.

And since today, July 28, is my birthday, I’m gonna have fun.


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