Cheeky Pages meeting

The Cheeky Pages Book Club, based out of Powells Books in Beaverton, read FORGED OF SHADOWS for their August selection. (Yeah. Eek.)  I’ll be there signing and talking books and bribing goodwill through the irresistible means of His Bakery cakes.

There will be two cakes, so please come and eat them.  They will be mint chocolate (I call the Andes mint on top; I’m the author so I get to do that) and white cake-marionberry.  This ain’t no nasty freezer case cake either. (Although I admit I’m a sucker for cheap granulated sugar and Crisco wedding cake frosting.) When you taste them, it will be as if you died and went to heaven.  Which only makes sense since it is HIS Bakery.

(Yes, I do buy cakes at a Christian bakery in order to offset the demonic tendencies of my books.)

Fellow Rose City Romance Writer Christy Gibbons gave me a lovely Portland Romance Novel Examiner write-up here for the event.

I’ll be there (click on the Powells link above for location and map) — armed with plastic forks — at 7 p.m. Friday (which is tomorrow or today depending on your time zone, but probably tomorrow if you’re in a time zone where you will actually make it in time for cake).

See ya.


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