Thank you, @SciFri (NPR’s Science Friday who I suppose I have to pledge to now) for inadvertently introducing me to Sam Easterson’s Museum of Animal Perspectives, a collection of crittercam footage.

In case you’ve been living under a rock like a scorpion, crittercams are smallish cameras mounted on unsuspecting animals. Animals like scorpions. Yes, a camera attached to a scorpion is worthy of its own museum.

Easterson collects all sorts of enlightening and inspiring footage of wolves, sea lions, elephants and other charismatic megavertebrates. But he also features humbler — and equally inspiring — creatures like the armadillo and the aforementioned scorpion.

But this one cracked me up.  See below for my overdubbing.

“Hey, dude, how’s it… Whoa… Wuh?”
“Hey, wazzup?”
“Dude, what’s that on your head?”
“Dude, what do you mean, what’s on my head?”
“Dude, there’s something on your head!”
“Dude, wuh? Dude! Get it off!”
“Aiee! Run!”
“Aiee! I’m running!”
“Not TOWARD US! Aiee!”

Thus ends this week’s episode of MasterSheep Theatre.



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