Editing advice

Fellow dark hero writer Laurie London, whose first book BONDED BY BLOOD will be out in February, is sharing details of the editing process at Romance University. She collected solid, specific advice from a bunch of great authors… and me too.

Since we’re on the topic of editing, I just want to publicly acknowledge the fact that I still don’t know how to use ellipses properly. I’m copy editing Book 3 (VOWED IN SHADOWS, April 2011) and I THOUGHT I was using ellipses — which I adore — correctly, but…

If I understand the copy editor’s changes, I should use:

Three dots when the thought is incomplete.
Ex. Jessa thinks she knows how to use an ellipses, but really…

Four dots when the thought is complete but to indicate a trailing off.
Ex. That Jessa, she thinks she knows everything…. We blame that old head wound.

The three or four dots are not affected by their position within the paragraph.  Sigh. I will figure this out…. Eventually.


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