Everything I know about writing I learned from my dog

Monster Girl and BFF

1. Unicorns make everything better. (Not just a writing truism, that one.)

2. Whatever you do, do it “more.” Run faster. Wrestle harder. Eat with more gusto. Sleep with more dreams. When it comes to writing, make your writing “more.”

3. When you’re hurt, shriek once. Then forget it like it never happened.

4. Sometimes you roll in shitty first drafts. It’s not your fault. Might as well enjoy it.

5. Anything can be a toy. Or a story. Dirty sock = ball. Cat = squeaker. What if = endless play. Don’t let anything get in the way of play.

6. But work when it’s time to work. The “hard eye,” the stalk and the kill are serious business. Don’t let anything get in the way of the real work.

7. Take your belly rubs and butt skritches where you can get them. Some people don’t like dogs. Those are cat people and you don’t want to hang with them anyway. Move on and keep your tail wagging.

8. Panting means it was a good day.

So, what has your furry muse taught you about life?


2 thoughts on “Everything I know about writing I learned from my dog

  1. 1. The past never happened. Now is all.
    Corollary: things that hurt or scared me when I was an abandoned puppy left deep enough scars that I remember to be scared of them now.
    2. Eat a varied diet including foods from all available food groups, the red group (high heels), the brown group (kibble, Ugg boots, lawn tootsie rolls), the gray group (more Uggs) the blue group (keds), and the multi-colored group (coasters with pictures of Spain on them).
    3. Take a walk with a friend every day. It will make you both happier.

    On that note…I’m off to walk with my furry friend. Nice post, Jessica.

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