Third book! First sale!

Yay! VOWED IN SHADOWS is out now! And I think I just had THE best author experience of my whole career to date.

So, I stopped by my local Barnes & Noble on the way to work to sign the books. Look at this stack! And don’t you love the way the sunlight (Sunlight! In Portland! In April! It must be a sign!) is shining like a benediction upon my books?

Jessa Slade signing mess

I had my trusty book signing tin with pens, bookmarks, temporary tattoos, and  “signed by” stickers, all ready to go. So if you live in Clackamas Oregon, there are signed books ready for you at the Barnes & Noble at the Clackamas Town Center.

After I signed the books, I put them back on the shelf in the very aptly-marked section of Romance Paranormal This Month’s Top Picks:

B&N Paranormal Top Pick

I had gone back to my seat to pick up my mess and noticed a Reader (yes, Reader is capitalized in my head) standing in front of the Romance Paranormal This Month’s Top Picks.

Unobtrusively (by which I mean I did NOT make ultrasonic whining noises) I watched while she walked her fingers along the shelf. And then she did it.


Yup, it happened right in front of me, so I know it’s true. She did that thing that Readers do: She meandered down her preferred aisle, she paused in front of face-out books, she was drawn to a manly chest (thank you, Adam and Gene!), she read the blurb, and then (while I was desperately thinking, “Oh boy, my heart is on the verge of being broken right in front of my eyes”)…


At this point, I felt that a corner had been turned with no undue influence from myself (which is not to say that if I did have the superpower of influencing book sales that I would not abuse such power) and I pounced on her.

“YOU HAVE MY BOOK!” I cried.

In a display of fortitude worthy of a paranormal romance heroine faced by a wild-eyed monster (that would be me), this Reader did not flee. We talked for a moment and I discovered she was picking out books to take with her on a trip to New York. Another sign! My book was chosen by New York (thank you, Signet Eclipse!) and now it’s returning to New York, like a wandering prophet (or possibly something less pretentious).

So this is Christa. Thank you, Christa, for giving me a FABULOUS author day!

Christa with Vowed in Shadows

And thank you to all the Readers out there who buy our books, even when we aren’t staring holes into the backs of their heads. I write to share and without you my worlds would not come alive.



20 thoughts on “Third book! First sale!

  1. Jessa, you definately have a way with words… This just made me smile -I had to reply -It was a must do -no way could I not! I am so happy for your; it must have been a delightful experience.. 🙂 May your sales get better and better and more Readers to enjoy your words…

    • There WAS a lot of internal squeeing, but I like to think I looked fairly professional. Thank heavens I heard my mother’s voice in my head this morning and dressed up. I looked super cute in a little springy skirt and my lucky green sweater.

      Wait! I bet it was the lucky green sweater that made this happen! I’m never taking it off!

  2. LOL!!! I was laughing so hard…I could just see you standing there, staring at the back of the Reader’s head & holding your breath. HAPPY RELEASE DAY!!! When I get to LA I’m going to find your book and start reading PRONTO.

    • I learned the “stare at the back of their heads until they do what you want” trick from my dog. Have fun at RT! If I’d been going, I would’ve been on the road trip with Delilah Marvelle & Lisa Hendrix & Pan’s Paperbacks and I would’ve missed Christa. A worthy trade.

  3. Hi Jessa

    Happy Release Day!!! I will be purchasing your book this week as I have read the other two and loved them.

    Thanks for your stories


    • Hi, Allison! I was soooo thrilled when she kept the book. Hmm, now I’m thinking, poor Readers, wondering if there might be an author sneaking up behind them. The horror!

  4. Jessa:
    I’ll bet Christmas and Thanksgiving will take a backseat to this special day in April 2011, now the holiest day of all! lol.
    Congratulations. Those sleepless nights are now paying off. You deserve it.

    • I KNOW! I even called my mom and told her she’s right about getting gussied up. But she is disapproving of my lucky green sweater. Even though it has hardly any holes in it.

  5. Hey girl! LOVE this moment you’ve captured and shared with us!
    Hope to see you guys this year – Congrats!!!!

  6. Greetings from New York! Gotta say….LOVE the book so far! What an awesome find that was at Barnes & Noble. It’s always exciting to discover an author I haven’t read before AND to actually find the author standing behind me as I grab the book! How cool is that for any Reader?! I’m definitely hunting down book 1 when I get back to Portland!
    Also, passed on your book info to a woman sitting next to me on the plane. I caught her reading over my shoulder and gave her the bookmark from the book so she could pick up her own copy. I know she’ll enjoy it as much as I have so far!
    Thanks for the great book and blog Jessa! Can’t wait to get home and have some time to get started on the other books.


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