My Bookish Ways

Today I’m at My Bookish Ways:

Awhile ago on Twitter the question went around, “What is dark romance and who writes it?” My answer: In a dark romance, love doesn’t ‘save the day.’ It just saves the hero’s and heroine’s souls. The day is still f’d.

And when I thought a bit more about it, I decided that even though I fancy myself a cynical, sarcastic, fatalistic hermit, I don’t write dark romance, because in my story heart of hearts, I believe love WILL save the day.

Yes, I realize I might be naïve, crazy and/or just plain wrong.

(Contest ends Thursday April 14, so leave your comment there for a chance to win a book.)

Upon even further reflection, I think my certainty about the power of love varies according to my recent intake of chocolate, as follows:


2 thoughts on “My Bookish Ways

  1. I have to say that in dark romances that love might save the day but the war is still going on at the end so there are more days to be saved… at least thats my thought of it… and I love the chart… means I gotta eat more chocolate haha


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