What possessed you?

Research time!

I hate research. It’s one reason I write paranormals; I feel that gives me more excuses to make sh-t up. (Speaking of excuses and sh-t, are you following #NotIntendedToBeAFactualStatement on Twitter? As a fiction writer, I am wholeheartedly in favor of lying…in your fiction. Facts are a different matter.)

Speaking of people who are going to hell, here’s my research question:

What would make you open your soul to a demon?

Sure, there are accidents, but what would make you do it on purpose? What forces would drive you to make such a choice? Just curious; I won’t be sending any unbound demons your way.


8 thoughts on “What possessed you?

  1. The life of my children
    If I were feeling altruistic to save the world or to bring about world peace.

    If you haven’t watched Supernatural, there is a season where Sam and Dean have to choose whether to accept someone riding their meat suit and the end of the world. It is interesting to watch them struggle. Oh and it doesn’t hurt that they are cute.

    • I rented the entire first season from the library (I heart my library!) and yeah, they are cute 🙂 I need to go get season two for, um, research. Okay, sometimes I love research 😉

      (Thx for your answer. I’m hung up on a character and needed some mental stimulation.)

  2. Hi

    It would be to save someone special to me. I also think I would take on a demon if that would save the world, not that I want to be so important – lol

    Thanks – Pam

    I am on page 200 of Vowed in Shadows and it is hard to put down, should finish tonight!!!

  3. I can think of several reasons. 1) Save someone else (family, a child in danger, world leader); 2) Save myself from some worse fate. 3) Save the demon, if necessary for some plot reason. Good luck with your research!

    • “If necessary for some plot reason.” Ack, don’t look behind the curtain! It’s even messier than inside my closet 🙂

      I’m intrigued by the worse fate idea. Must mull that one… Worser and worser…

  4. I’m not a save the world type, or give up my life for someone else (even my kids). But I am also intrigued by the “worse fate” concept. Death and destruction are so mundane anymore.
    I also like the “save the demon” concept but that’s what the Marked Souls is about. Demons desiring redemption.

    OK, just thought of one. I’d be open to demonic possession in place of being caged with no sunlight, or incarcerated. Yeah, demonic possession would be way better than prison. Must be why I don’t break laws, except speed laws.

    Oh, being mute and paralyzed. I’d take demonic possession over being able to see and hear (and be aware) but not able to move or speak.

  5. Hi Jessa!! I haven’t read your books–yet!–but this blog has added them to my list for the year =)

    The only thing that could make me say yes would be from realizing my own, certain, painful trip to hell (or never-ending torture, as it may). That, or possession? Sure. I’ll jump on that crazy train any day.


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