What’s your power word?

A writer friend of mine, Linda Poitevin (whose first book comes out in September!) has a great post on choosing a power word. I’m sometimes reluctant to pick out favorite words for fear of pissing off the other ones. I need them all, and I love them each for their particular power. (Except shrug; if I never use shrug again, it’ll be too soon.)

But Linda’s post inspired me so I thought about it on my dog walk and it came to me:



I think it’s one of the wonders of writing: to take 26 individual letters, combine them into various words, and string those words into story. That’s the magic of story weaving.

It’s also a personal warning to me. The negation of the negation (McKee’s term explained here in Step 5) of weaving might be the hopeless knot that appears solid. A fake hairball covered in bathtub slime, if you will. Tangled, false and gross, that’s where my writing can go if I’m not mindful.

But mindful weaving makes reed baskets that can carry water, ancient tapestries hanging in museums, spider webs to catch morning dew, steps of an elaborate dance. And stories.

What’s your power word?



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