Choices, choices





I’m heading out on a two-week National Lampoon family road trip/reunion/funeral to Washington DC. On the itinerary: caving, Arlington Cemetery, crab fishing, historical tours, and more. Not all at the same location.

I’m packing tonight and trying to choose my ensemble for the White House tour. I’ve narrowed it down to the following:


From left:

  • A gift from my funny dad. It says: Peace Through Superior Firepower
  • A shirt I picked up while I was studying in Moscow. It says, in Russian: “What Have You Done for Perestroika?”
  • My “Dennis Kucinich 2004” presidential campaign tee
  • The cross of the Crusades

Sadly, Monster Girl is staying home. Not that she’s too upset. As you can see, she has already claimed my half of the bed.






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