Happy Thanksgiving!

Crossposted from Silk & Shadows

Currently working on: Burning off dessert
Mood: Sweet

I had an early Thanksgiving party yesterday, so I made butter cookies. Then, since this holiday is about giving thanks, I decided to dip the cookies in chocolate. Nothing says thanks like chocolate.

But even when I’m surrounded by chocolate (as I often am) it’s so easy to forget to be grateful. Yes, the solution might be to eat more chocolate, or maybe I just need to remind myself more than once a year. Studies have shown that people who take the time to keep a gratitude journal listing their reasons to be thankful report fewer illness symptoms, a greater sense of optimism about the future, and a brighter feeling about life overall.


I’m thankful I live in a country that has issues but always seems to be trying to better itself even when the definition of better is contentious and changeable.

I’m thankful I have family and friends who are always around when I need them and are supportive of my dreams. I hope I’m that to them!

I’m thankful that I’m in a sustainable place financially, physically, emotionally, creatively and whatnot.

I’m thankful it was sunny for part of the day Sunday, long enough anyway to go to the dog park where there’s a huge old maple that is just turning bright yellow.

What are you thankful for? And if you have any recipes for chocolate desserts suitable for Thanksgiving (which is so often dominated by earthier spices) please share or link!



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