A Spring Wind

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Sometime in January, I like to pull my Tarot cards for a start-of-the-year spread, to see where I’m at. This year, so far, I’ve been too busy to take a quiet night to get into the right space to think about things. But with the month almost over (and how did THAT happen?!) I figured I better get at least ONE card done so I’d have something to contemplate on my dog walks.


I pulled the Page of Swords. I use the Mythic Tarot deck by Juliet Sharman-Burke and Liz Greene, illustrated by Tricia Newell. This deck features Greek mythology which I loved as a kid, so I relate to the stories.

The Page of the Swords is represented by Zephyrus, the Greek god of the West Wind. His card is ambivalent — as the Swords tend to be cards that poke at your complacency — since he and his brother the North Wind started out as malicious little shits, prone to starting storms just to knock things over. Eventually Zephyrus married Isis of the rainbow, which mellowed him out. But still, having him start my year gives me lots to think about.

The positive aspects of Zephyrus as the Page of Swords are curiosity, enthusiasm and the emergency of new ideas. The downsides are irritability and petty quarrels that blow up into battles. As I move forward with some new story ideas, I guess I better practice my patience. That’s usually on my list of New Years Resolutions, so I suppose that’s okay. Sigh.

I like this picture of Zephyrus because he is puffing up all these great clouds leading into a blue sky… but the way he is holding the sword makes me think he is about to burst his own bubble. He had better be careful which bubbles he bursts, since some of them are holding him aloft. I better make sure I’m puffing up the right dreams. Not there’s anything wrong with walking sometimes. Ask my dog.

If you play with tarot cards, did you get any thoughtful readings for the new year? Or if you want me to pull a card for you, just let me know in comments and I’ll see which Greek myth might be right for you.

5 thoughts on “A Spring Wind

  1. Wow, you do Tarot? That’s so cool. How’d you get into that?

    I know absolutely nothing about tarot cards and readings, but it sounds like that wasn’t a bad card to draw for the beginning of the year.

    Do me! Do me! What card do I get?

    • My grandmother gave me this deck. Which sounds way more woo-woo than it was 🙂 And I paid my rent briefly as a telephone psychic.

      Gina, your card is: the Knight of Wands

      This is Bellerophon, who battled the chimaera from Pegasus’ back. The Wands are all about creativity, and anybody riding a flying horse is obviously an exciting fellow. So I love this card for its high-flying imagination. The warning (and every card comes with a warning) is about Bellerophon’s fate: As is typical for Greek heroes, he eventually got cocky and fell from Pegasus. Which is a reminder that the loftiest creative concepts must also be grounded.

      Also the Knight of Wands card often signals a move to expand your space…

    • Yeah, chasing those new ideas without crushing them is like swatting butterflies.

      Linda, your card is the Ace of Swords:

      In the Mythic deck, the Ace of Swords is Athena, smart and strong and has some issues of her own. Swords cards always make me nervous because of that whole double edged thing. But I love Aces because of their Big Bang energy. The warning is that the old ways don’t fall lightly, but the promise of the Ace of Swords is the powerful emergency of a new viewpoint to challenge old thinking.

      A perfect fit for a certain female Dracula we know…


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