Autumn thoughts

There’s a huge maple at the dog park near our house. It’s one of the first trees to leaf out in the spring and one of the last to lose its leaves in the fall. It dominates its turf (literally; it kills all the grass underneath) and swallows a good chunk of sky. Walking underneath, you have to wonder at the immense spread of branches.

There’s an easy metaphor there, for strength and beauty, for perseverance and a touch of ruthlessness. I was going to write it out, but it was a rare nice day, so I just took pictures and me and dog ran around instead.

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3 thoughts on “Autumn thoughts

  1. I’m reading this late at night as it storms outside, the wind battering the rain against the house. Thank you for sharing such beautiful pictures. The dog certainly seemed to be enjoying the day as well.

  2. My dog is jealous of your dog’s walk πŸ™‚ This morning, we got blown around the streets, just to return home and find that they are power washing my steps/outside wall. Riley is too tired to bark and we both want summer back!


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