Wherein I am a pig

You should see how much candied yams I can eat!

But actually, today I am a guinea pig over at Author Marketing 101. The brilliant marketing minds of C. Morgan Kennedy and Therese Patrick are offering a virtual workshop reviewing “the online experience Jessa Slade provides through her website.” Well, that sounds as menacing as one piece of pie and two forks.

(I suspect they could start their critical evaluation with my penchant for unnecessarily dense similes, metaphors and analogies.)

So as you bake and roast and whatnot, stop by Author Marketing 101 and we’ll learn together what it takes to create a satisfying experience. (Just add marshmallow fluff.)

1 thought on “Wherein I am a pig

  1. I’m impressed by the variety of features on this blog: articles, feedback, twitter updates, sharing links, etc. Jessa’s writing style is wry and amusing, and so funto read. Never did find where to buy the books.


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