Bloom where you’re planted…or, heck, why bother waiting?



I often despise feel-good motivational quotes. Because they usually make me feel bad. “Hang in there, kitten.” “Shoot for the moon. If you miss, you’ll still end up among the stars.”* “There are no stupid questions.”** So often, motivational quotes seem to put the onus on ME for being unmotivated. Like I need the reminder!

But one I don’t much mind is “Bloom where you’re planted.” Sure, it has a sort of dismissive tone (which is probably why I like it) but the quote captures a basic truth that most seeds don’t get a lot of say in where they land. Perhaps they merely plummet from their seed pods. Or maybe they take a wild and wayward ride on the wind. Or maybe they get et and shet by a hungry bird. There are some manipulations the seeds might attempt to steer their destiny, but for the most part, their fate is completely out of their little green thumbs.

And yet they do their durndest to thrive.

As a gardener, I’m often astounded by the persistence of the blackberry busting through the fence (and through the thumb of my glove, ouch), the borage flourishing in the lava rock pebbles, the strawberries blossoming in November. Yes, right this very moment I have strawberries with tiny white fruits. Crazy.

I’m in the middle of a story right now that has me between a rock and a hard place. But my feather grass does quite fine in between the slabs of the driveway concrete, so that’ll be my motivation. I guess we have to take our inspiration where we find it — whether it’s kittens or moons — just like the seeds bloom where they are planted.

Or maybe I’ll just find consolation in ripping this story out by the roots and composting it! That’s what you get for not blooming quicker.

Do you have a favorite motivation quote that you turn to in times of trouble? Please share in comments.

* Not only does that quote blithely excuse some sort of probably catastrophic power failure, it’s wrong. There are no stars between here and the moon. Gah.

** Okay, that one’s not technically a motivational quote, but just to be clear, there are stupid questions. Just like there are stupid motivational quotes.



Top photo: Poppy seeds sprouting in place.

Bottom photo: Monster Girl in the summer garden. Ah, summer…



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