Resolve 2013: Wherein we get resolved!


Resolve 2013: How it works

With the start of 2013, a group of my favorite author friends and I will be helping each other with our New Year’s Resolutions. Each resolution is different. Mine is to GET ORGANIZED. (I think of it in all caps, in the hopes that caps will motivate me.) Each writer will be guest posting on my blog about her ideas to GET ORGANIZED. Scroll down to the next post to see their advice. 

Admittedly, GET ORGANIZED is a perennial resolution for me, but still. With help from my friends (and special thanks to Jessie for organizing this) perhaps this year I will finally conquer the beast that is my office/desk/closet/other closet/hard drive/etc. After they’ve had their say, I’ll wrap up with how I’m going to make this resolution work for me. In turn, I will be posting on each of their blogs to help them with their resolutions too. (Bwa-ha! Little do they know!)

Here’s the list of writers and resolutions. Please hop around and visit us all with your helpful (or off-the-wall) suggestions. I suspect some/many/all of their resolutions are on your list too!

Resolve 2013: January 1-9, 2013

Maggie Jaimeson – Take a Vacation
Jessa Slade – Get Organized
Paty Jager – Volunteerism
Linda Mercury – Creating a Literary (or Creative) Life
Jenna Bayley-Burke – Eat Healthier
Cassiel Knight – No More Procrastination
Cathryn Cade – Take Time for those OTHER Creative Passions
Su Lute – Reduce Stress: Find and Follow Your Bliss
Jamie Brazil – Shrink My Closet

4 thoughts on “Resolve 2013: Wherein we get resolved!

  1. Maggie, I had to laugh because what you descibe here is EXACTLY my husband’s type of organization — different software though. He swears he can plunge a hand into the chaos that is his desk and retreive the paper/post-it/credit card reciept/water bill at a moment’s notice. And y’know what? He usually can. I’m a big fan of any organizing software, too.

  2. Love the blog theme. Getting organized is one of my goals for January, and staying organized for 2013 🙂 – but it’s a struggle!

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