Stalker tech







While I appreciate smart tech that does what I want when I want it, sometimes it just gets weird. While I was on Grammar Girl‘s site (whom I love for finally teaching me when to use whom vs. who, and who for reasons for which she is not guilty cannot seem to teach me when to use lie vs. lay) this popped up:


I guess I gotta give Barnes & Noble’s widget credit for knowing what I like to read. All three of these books are already on my bookshelves. I’m pretty sure Alexis Morgan and Erin Kellison have always used lay and lie correctly, but you can go count how many times I wrote in circles to avoid using lay or lie in Seduced By Shadows.




2 thoughts on “Stalker tech

  1. Those recommend engines are getting smarter in figuring us out. I’m often surprised when they recommend something I already have. The trick is recommending something I don’t have. That’s where they throw the algorithm out the door and placement goes to the highest bidder (or in house favorite).

    As for lay and lie, that’s what my husband is for. Yes, for the obvious. I know your mind, Jessa Slade. But also because he is an editor and somehow knows the difference. No matter how many times he explains it I don’t get it or remember it. Sometimes I think these things just have to be felt rather than than memorized.

    • > lay and lie, that’s what my husband is for

      Snicker. Yes, I blame Delilah Marvelle for our naughty thoughts 🙂 Aw heck, while I’m at it, I’ll blame her for my lay/lie confusion too!


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