Tea for me






I have eight kinds of tea in my drawer. Six of the eight are variations on green tea: Dragonwell green, organic green,  antioxidant green, lotus green, jasmine green, and… uh, green green. I don’t think this yet qualifies as a problem, but maybe that’s what every tea hoarder tells herself.

tea stash

Am I missing something good? Let me know in comments, and maybe link to a picture of your tea stash so I don’t feel so alone.


15 thoughts on “Tea for me

  1. You are soooo not alone! I can’t link to my stash, since it’s at my day job and I’m home sick- but I have over 25 types….yes, I have a problem ;). My favorite green is Tropical Green from Harney & Sons- nice hot or iced!

    • 25 teas?! I have a long way to go to compete with your stash 🙂 I want to be better this year about making green sun teas, but I need a good, large container. A Tropical Green sounds perfect for that.

  2. Tea Hoarder? Is that something akin to Crazy Cat Woman? I have 7 kinds in my drawer at work, and at home….well….uh…let’s just not talk about that.

    • No, no, you don’t have to combine your home stash number with your work stash number. Those are totally different and can not be used against you in the court of public opinion 😉

  3. Hmmm…Green Tea only? Sounds a little OCD to me. Do you have something against other colors? During the nearly 25 years I was not drinking coffee, I had a lot of tea. Now that I’m back to coffee, I rarely have tea. However, my two go to herbal tea types are Chamomile and Orange Spice. When I’m feeling truly tea-like, you know with pinky finger raised and dainty tea cups, then I choose Passion Tea (Tazo). It’s made with hibiscus, licorice root & tropical fruits. Yum. Yum.

    • Hmm, I would’ve never guessed you were a fruit tea person. Chai, yes, I see that. Now I want to get a National Science Foundation grant to study the correlation between tea choice and writer genre. *adds to to-do list*

      • If you need a research assistant hire me. I can bring my own kettle.

        Fruit teas are good when you can’t use sugar and aren’t supposed to have caffeine (strictly speaking most of mine are really tisanes, not true teas.) They also give off a lovely aroma.

  4. I am *such* a tea person. My favorite is Constant Comment by Bigelow, either caf or decaf works for me. I have green teas, herbal teas, detox teas, energy teas, chai, and black teas. But you haven’t lived until you check out Teavana’s teas. Strawberry Rose Champagne. I’m just saying at $12+ an ounce, it is heaven. Of course, I have champagne tastes, even with my teas!
    Renee Q.

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