RONE Award finalists!

HOTTER ON THE EDGE received a great review from InD’tale magazine — “a wonderful anthology, with three beautiful and romantic stories” — and the 4 1/2 stars qualified us for the first round of the RONE Awards. Judges saw fit to pass us along to you — the readers — for the final round. If you read (and hopefully liked!) HOTTER ON THE EDGE, we’d love your vote.

The list is also a great way to maybe check out some new-to-you indie authors. The magazine is dedicated to helping connect readers with the best in indie publishing.

Voting starts here. The novella category is open from May 3-10.

Happy reading!

2 thoughts on “RONE Award finalists!

  1. Thanks for the previous link to InD’tale Magazine. I didn’t even know it existed. I’d love to hear more about the magazine and your experience with them. I visited the site and the magazine has good articles, interviews, etc. However, I have lots of questions about readers, reach, hits, future plans, and much more.

    I also loved the Hotter on the Edge stories and definitely voted for you.


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