Dog roses

XY: Don’t you have enough pictures of the dog? How many more do you need?
Me: Um… Seven more?

The last one is Monster Girl posing with my Golden Rose from the Rose City Romance Writers Golden Rose writing contest. Which just so happens to be having an early-bird discount on the 2013 contest. AND I just so happen to be guest posting with Melia Alexander about the contest.

Um, I mighta sent her an eighth picture of Monster Girl and the rose. But I swear, that’s ALL the pictures of the dog! (For now…)

6 thoughts on “Dog roses

  1. Thank! It’s been so long since I’ve seen pictures of Monster Girl I was wondering if she’d gone to the happy hunting grounds like our Mountain Boy, Rainier.

    She looks great with a Golden Rose on her belly.

    • Terri, I’m thinking of having her stuffed after she dies. Once the weather gets “hot” like it did today, all she wants to do is lie around with the fan on her belly anyway 🙂

    • I was thinking of getting a real dog rose. There are a few bushes on our evening walk that smell sooooo good. But I have enough out-of-control plants for now 🙂


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