Jessa’s (mostly) pithy reviews: Gravity

Like a lot of people, my discretionary spending budget is smaller than I’d like, so I’m pretty picky about which movies I see in the theater. It’s easy to pull out two $20s and not get much back, and that’s just for me and XY (plus some popcorn, of course).

But when I heard so many good things about Gravity I knew I’d spend the bucks. And, yeah, it was worth it.

Gravity Poster.jpg

Jessa’s pithy review:

See it. See it on the big screen. See it in 3D.

XY’s even pithier review: “Harrowing.”

A few less-pithy, non-spoiler points that might matter to some people:

1. I’d heard that the beginning of the movie might trigger nausea, and I sometimes get a bit of a queasy headache from shaky cams, so I was wondering about this. But I had no problems.

2. For some reason, I got the impression the movie would be just two people floating in space which sounded like it could be boring to me. But it wasn’t that.

3. Some people object to paying for 3D because either the effects feel pointless or look like a blatant money grab. But Gravity made good use of the 3D. I ducked and winced and gasped. The tension of the story and the sense of immersion were both enhanced by the 3D.

It was wonderful to see something that wasn’t a sequel or a reboot or an adaptation or an otherwise known entity. Go support the storytellers!

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4 thoughts on “Jessa’s (mostly) pithy reviews: Gravity

  1. So sorry, you can have this one! Not an adventure fantasy I want to buy into.

    The episode of Firefly where the doc and his sis had to hide OUTSIDE the ship was so well done I was terrified right along with them … and that was only about ten minutes of terror, as opposed to ninety-ish.

    Glad you did not waste your moolah, tho!


    • Cassi, as a storyteller, you’ll appreciate the craft that went into the story. But if you’re like me, you might also feel a twinge of jealousy that some of the visceral shorthand of an image can’t translate to text. Of course, we get to do internal monologues that would be way clunky on screen.


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