Nothing to fear here

I’m at See Jane Publish today where, in honor of Halloween month, my fellow bloggers and I have been sharing what scares us most about publishing.


runner-on-markYou know that cliché in nightmares where you are desperately trying to run — lungs heaving and heart pounding in that cliché way — but you just can’t move a muscle?

(Yeah, no, I don’t have that nightmare either. I have the drowning cliché nightmare, the naked-in-public cliché nightmare, and the “can’t find my classroom and it’s test day” cliché nightmare, but not the stuck-in-molasses cliché nightmare. For the sake of this blog post, though, I’m going to suffer it. Why is it that even my clichés don’t make my writing any easier? Sheesh.)

Write faster, write more

One of my greatest fears in today’s publishing world is that I can’t write fast enough…

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Ha. I was just trying to come up with some tags for this post and wrote “writer’s block” and then I looked at this image and look! There’s a block! This makes me wonder if we could make a writer’s block more like a runner’s block, something to ground you, something to push off against. Must contemplate…

2 thoughts on “Nothing to fear here

  1. I cannot “click here” to follow to the Jane site! I want to see… now that it is all easy peasy in my inbox : )


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