Awesome Kobo Party! And you are retroactively invited


Photo by author Jamie Brazil

Saturday’s Kobo Reader Party was a big hit, with eighteen authors, dozens of books, tables of food and wine and chocolate, plus goodies and giveaways galore, not to mention lots of readers! Thank you to Jan’s Paperbacks for hosting us and Kobo Books for showing us all a good time.

And we want the party to continue!

So through the end of the month, those of you who couldn’t make it will have access to our download codes for free Kobo ebooks! Below is the list of pre-holiday presents for you. Just click on the book titles to be taken to the book’s page. Then:

  1. Click the Buy Now button. (Don’t worry you won’t pay anything because you have the download code.)
  2. Sign in with your Kobo UserID and Password. If you don’t have one, you will need to set up one. You can do that through Jan’s Paperbacks website. Click on the blue Kobo button on the left which will take you here.
  3. Once you are signed in and selected the book with the BUY NOW button, it will take you to the “Confirm  Your Purchase” page.
  4. Click on tone link for “Have a gift card or promo code?”  It is just below your address on the purchase screen.
  5. A field will pop up for you to enter the PROMO code: jansbooks
  6. Click the APPLY link.
  7. A box will pop up saying that you’ve covered your cost so they won’t have to bill your credit card.
  8. Now you will see at the BUY NOW button that $0.00 will be charged. Click the BUY NOW button.
  9. Then you get the DOWNLOAD EPUB button.  Click it to download to your computer.

(Thanks to Maggie Faire for the download instructions!)

Jessa Slade
The Darkest Night

Erin Kellison, KC Klein & Jessa Slade
Hotter on the Edge

Jamie Brazil
The Commodore’s Daughter

Meljean Brook
Fire & Frost

Darcy Burke
His Wicked Heart

Darcy Burke
Her Wicked Ways

Maggie Faire
Chameleon: The Awakening

Caroline Fyffe
Montana Dawn

Bryan Gregory
Lord of the City

Bryan Gregory
City of the Lords

William Hertling
A.I. Apocalypse

Paty Jager
Secrets of a Mayan Moon

Paty Jager
Marshal in Petticoats

Maggie Jaimeson

C Morgan Kennedy and Therese Patrick
Author Marketing 101

Delilah Marvelle
Lady of Pleasure

Delilah Marvelle
Romancing Lady Stone

Lucy Monroe
Annabelle’s Courtship

Elisabeth Naughton

Elisabeth Naughton
Wait For Me

Jean Sheldon
The Woman in the Wing

Jean Sheldon
An Uncluttered Palette

Jack Whitsel
Shadows of Kings

Please feel free to share these links with your reader friends. Here is the shortlink to share on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, heck — everywhere! The more downloads, the merrier 🙂

Need signed books from one of these authors for a gift this holiday season? Check out this party post for a list of the authors’ books. Jan’s Paperbacks will happily ship you a signed copy if they have it.

Thank you for reading!

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