A Spiritual Pilgrimage of the Pen

My monthly post from See Jane Publish

See Jane Publish

National Novel Writing Month is a religious experience for many writers, especially people who’ve always wanted to write but never quite got around to — ya know — actually writing, as in putting words on the page. Even when I don’t participate in the “oh please, God, let me finish” fervor, I appreciate the November energy. It’s a reminder to focus on what’s important to me as a writer: writing!

Thou Shalt Write says Jessa Slade

I approach my first draft with trepidation and awe, like a primitive worshiper at the altar of Story. I can never be sure if my Story God will be a benevolent deity or a vengeful lightning caster, so to be on the safe side, I tend to creep up on my hands and knees with an offering of pre-writing.

Like any ritual (some might call it dogma) pre-writing for me is as much about mindset as actual substance. I want…

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