I had a dream I was pregnant with 3 elephant babies.

I guess it would’ve been worse if I’d been pregnant with three elephant adults, but it was still pretty bad.

So there I am, expecting elephant triplets. I’m wearing a pencil skirt and stiletto heels — you know, as one does when one is pregnant with pachyderms — AND I was trying to climb a super rickety ladder up to a high bookshelf.

The dream was a message from my subconscious that I am trying to do too much and that I’m about to burst. I’m, like, thanks, subconscious. I wouldn’t have known that if you hadn’t seen fit to send me such a subtle, subtexty message.

But I really am trying to get a lot done, and I’ll be releasing more info in the coming days about these projects that have been keeping me and my subconscious busy. Stay tuned…

11 thoughts on “I had a dream I was pregnant with 3 elephant babies.

  1. Jessa,

    I have had many a dream of being pregnant when I’m beginning new creative projects, but never elephants. Wow, and seriously wow.

    May they be small, docile pachyderms. With red toenails, so they can hide in the strawberry patch.

  2. All I can say is the thought of being pregnant with elephants is totally painful. Your subconscious is really weighed down. When I’m doing too much, my dreams are always of running away to some beautiful island. Unfortunately, in the middle of the rest and relaxation usually something awful happens like a dolphin mutating into a land-shark-human-frankenstein cross. Then I wake up (don’t really want to know what happens after that mutation) and can’t go back to sleep.

    I think it’s time for drinks, Jessa. But first I have to finish the taxes. Talking about frankenstein realities doing taxes is about as frankenstein as it gets.

    • Maggie, I think you could sell the land-shark-frankenstein thing to the SyFy channel 🙂 Make that subconscious work for ya! Although I suppose overworking it is exactly what’s making it cough up all this weirdness.

      That leaves drinking as our only option 😉

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