Reality vs. verisimilitude

See Jane Publish

In one of my writing groups recently, there was a discussion how fast and loose writers can play with reality before snapping a reader’s willing suspension of disbelief. We were talking specifically about local geography, and one writer said she disapproved of islands off the coast of Oregon because we don’t have those here. I read that and thought, “Uh oh…”, because guess where I just set my new Jenna Dales sexy contemporary series? Yeah, an island off the coast of Oregon!

Did I know Oregon doesn’t have any privately owned islands of significant size off its coast? Yes. Did I change my setting? No. And here is my criteria for kow-towing to reality:

1. Does it bother me if my version of reality is wrong? No? Carry on.

2. Do I think a significant number of my readers will be bothered? (Note: My readers might not be your readers.) No? Carry…

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