OMSI After Dark

The Rose City Romance Writers — or at least a small and giggly contingent of the group — attended the monthly After Dark party at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. This month’s theme was “Guilty Pleasures” so OF COURSE romance novelists were invited! We brought chocolate and books and double entendres which are all excellent guilty pleasures IMO.

One of our “interactive” stations was the NEVER HAVE I EVER board (pictured above) where visitors were invited to post their challenge and maybe pick up an idea or two. Most of the sticky notes involved sex. Probably because of the proximity to romance novels 😉 Guilty as charged!

Other attending authors were Linda Mercury, EJ Russell, Jenna Bayley-Burke, and Lynda Aicher. If YOU need a guilty pleasure — or heck, just pleasure! — go get one of their books. Ego te absolvo.

Also, here’s a glimpse into what the party was like:

1 thought on “OMSI After Dark

  1. I like your interactive wall MUCH more than the KGW feed. I did not like when he mentioned guilty pleasures like reading romance and asked the question how you can stop doing it. It would have been nice to talk about WHY people experience guilt with pleasure. But then that’s the psychologist in me. So, question, do you sell books at this event? Give away things? Or is it really a networking, get to know me and buy my books later kind of thing?


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