Another kind of hero

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This month we’ve talked about the alphabet soup of yummy heroes: alphas, betas, and gammas. But I wanted to add one more to spice things up: the theta hero.

In the hero club, the alpha is the confident (okay, sometimes arrogant) leader, and the beta is the nice guy (not to say boring!) who brings cookies and sandwiches to the club house, and the gamma is the capable one who actually knew how to build a tree house. Meanwhile, the theta hero is… playing pirate in some other yard by himself.

Thetas are often dark heroes — the lone wolves and wounded, wandering souls. They never want to be leaders but they’ll stand in second place to no man. They make their own rules and go their own way. They are too self-aware to be arrogant (after all, they got those scars by losing) but too damaged to be easily won…

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