Battle Plan 2015

Sharing my steely narrow-eyed glare at 2015 from See Jane Publish.

See Jane Publish

This month the Janes — at the suggestion of Jane Asa — are discussing BATTLE PLANS! Doesn’t that sound much more inspiring than “goals” or god forbid “resolutions”? I already feel more energized. Or maybe I mean combative. Of course a woman who writes about Viking warriors (coming out this year!) has battle plans 🙂 Thanks for the topic, Asa.

During this last week or so, I’ve been following the 2015 plans of my friends, family, and compatriots. I like to see what other people are doing/thinking of doing because it gives me ideas. What I think is interesting this year is the tenor of the plans. In years past, I’ve always seen a certain amount of “this year I’m going to learn to relax/meditate/take it easy/stop worrying”. This year, I’ve seen almost none of that. It’s like we’ve all just admitted we kinda like the rat race. We revel…

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