Stealing Licks by Rainstick Cowbell

Cross posted from See Jane Publish for our month of real-life romance.

See Jane Publish

Note from Jessa: When I told my XY about this month’s topic — real-life romance — he started to reminisce about how we met. I quickly shut him down and told him to write it down. Hey, no romance writer worth her weight in chocolate lets a good love story go unwritten!

S&J clean A portrait of artists as young starving artists: Jessa Slade and Rainstick Cowbell before they were rich and famous, along with dog Hannah (with tongue and stick) and friend’s dog Foo.

For me it happened quick. At least how I remember it. I was living in a small ski town in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. I think the ratio of guys to girls was something like ten to one. But somehow, I met my love at two thousand meters.

It was because of the music I was making that the local paper sent over their crack reporter…

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