The truth of self-employment: My boss is a bitch!

From my side gig at See Jane Publish…

See Jane Publish

This month at See Jane Publish we’re talking about women entrepreneurs. When the Janes discussed this topic, it seemed like an exciting idea. Entrepreneur is a buzz word these days, and women are very much in the news, fighting for equality and recognition. I consider myself an entrepreneur. I’m a freelance writer, editor, and designer which makes me a self-directed go-getter with big ideas, perfect for entrepreneurial pursuits (and also makes me essentially useless for “real” jobs). I own my own one-woman company ~ Jessa Slade as CEO, secretary, and master bottle washer. So I was looking forward to diving into this discussion of what it means to be an entrepreneur.

And then last week I had to move my work out of an office space and into my rather small home.

Ai! What a nightmare! Due to unforeseen circumstances (which I’d know about for approx. several months but was ignoring) I…

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