“Making it”

From my post at See Jane Publish

See Jane Publish

This month at See Jane Publish, we’re talking about defining success. Success is such a subjective standard, I’m not even sure what conclusions we’ll come to — except maybe “We’ll know it when we feel it.”

Recently on my author blog, I posted about feeling like a failure because I hadn’t been writing. While I’m back on the writing chain gang, I’m still not up to speed so I’m feeling like less of a failure, but I’m still not feeling like a success. As a member of the maker/creative class, if I’m not creating and making, I don’t feel good.

IMG_1567But spring has come early to my few square feet of Oregon soil, so it’s gardening time. Which is a great place to remind myself of how things grow in their time, of ebbs and flows, of productive and fallow seasons.

We planted some early greens in a repurposed fire pit…

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