Where is here?

My “See Jane Publish” post after a writing retreat at the coast…

See Jane Publish

In my notes, I see that this month’s topic at See Jane Publish is “Where were you when?” Honestly, I’m not sure what that was supposed to inspire in me. Sometimes I don’t take such good notes. Hopefully the other Janes are more organizationally inclined or at least have better handwriting.

So instead I’m going to share where I am now. This has a couple advantages. One being that I know the answer to this question. And two, where I am is quite lovely.


This is the Oregon coast in May. I’m here to write a book and a half in four days. Admittedly, they are not long books, but they are still keeping me busy with my morning, afternoon, and evening word counts.

Still, I can’t visit the coast without a daily walk on the beach. Because writing a book — even a short book — can feel long, and…

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