Hot Sci Fi Romance deals!

Get the hottest deals
from the coolest Sci Fi romance authors. is here!
25+ sizzling Sci Fi romances FREE and 99¢! 

Maybe you’ve only read my paranormal and urban fantasy romances as Jessa Slade or my
sexy shifter romances as Elsa Jade. Well, we’re here to tempt you again with an infinity (okay, actually 25!) starry romances featuring sexy alpha aliens and the brave women who conquer new worlds of passion and romance. Check out great stories from bestselling authors like Elle Thorne, Milly Taiden, Zoe York, Michelle M. Pillow, Scarlett Dawn, Vi Voxley, Erin Kellison & more!

FREE and 99¢ June 29-30 only!
See all the books at
Be sure to confirm prices before purchasing.

What shiny company for my story, QUEEN OF STARLIGHT, which is free!

And for the next few days, the boxset of the first 3 books of the L’Auraly Chronicles is reduced to $2.99! Find all those links here.

I hope you enjoy these out-of-this-world Sci Fi romances!

Thank you for reading! And keep your eyes out for a brand-new series coming soon from some of the same authors who brought you the Mating Season and Mating Fever stories. Stay tuned… (Ha, do they even have tuning in space?)

heart Jessa/Elsa

1 thought on “Hot Sci Fi Romance deals!

  1. Let’s write trillions upon trillions of better-than-Dostoevsky’s novelty in Seventh-Heaven, wanna??

    But, yet, precisely why so many peeple are going to Hell: they refuse to care anymore about whether they offend God (your erotic books are the same, dear). Dont think about the Abyss o’Misery? Figures. Living in Washington so we can pickNchoose which doctrines of the Choich we wanna believe. Dude! Wake-up!! I dont wanna see you on the LEFT when we perish. ‘Nuff sed. Decide on which eternity you want. God bless


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