Freshest Christmas tree ever

We had a volunteer cedar growing too close to the house, and this weekend we decided it finally needed to come down. And voila! Christmas tree!

It’s a little too tall, but the top is very bendy. So we just curled it over. Somewhat Charlie Brown-esque. As is usual every year, Monster Girl is baffled by the sudden growth of a tree in her spot, but she’ll get in the spirit eventually. Probably that would happen faster if I stopped trying to put bows on her head. But she’s so cute!

Hope everybody’s holiday season is fresh and pleasantly scented!

1 thought on “Freshest Christmas tree ever

  1. LOVE! Thanks for sharing your holiday hijinks, Jessa. We don’t do a tree inside in our current house, as we have a ficus in the only corner where the Christmas tree could fit. So I decorate the hey out of the rest of our great room, and fill a big glass bell with our prettiest ornaments.


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