anglesDespite a grade school career aptitude test that indicated farming would be my best bet, I always knew I wanted to be a writer. My very early works include “MY POMES,” a grade school poetry chapbook rampant with unicorns and misspellings, and a torrid tween cowboy romance which my editor/mother asked me to revise and resubmit, changing the “lovers” to “soul mates.”

After close to a million final draft words and nearly triple digit rejections, I sold my first novel, an urban fantasy romance, thanks to the 2007 Rose City Romance Writers’ Golden Rose writing contest.

I live in the Pacific Northwest where the potential for up to 120 days in a row of measurable precipitation keeps me at my computer. Like many writers, I live in my head, so I appreciate interaction with people whose dialogue I don’t have to make up and revise for clarity.

You can often find me goofing off online:

Note to Booksellers, Librarians & Book Club Folk

If you are interested in having me for a Skype or online chat with your reading group, I swear I’m really entertaining when I’m hopped up on chocolate. Or contact me for discussion questions and giveaway info.

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