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Jessa Slade is the author of the Marked Souls urban fantasy romance series (NAL Signet Eclipse), the Steel Born paranormal romance series (Harlequin Nocturne Cravings), and award-winning self-published science fiction romance with Hotter on the Edge. You can find her online at all the usual haunts.

Romance ruined me!

Originally posted on See Jane Publish:

I was a happy little SFF reader as a kid. Swords, monsters, dashing about on epic adventures, etc. Then I read Kathleen Woodiwiss’s A ROSE IN WINTER… And I was ruined! Ruined forevuh, I tell you! Just as a romance heroine meets her hero and no other man can ever again be enough for her, so I swooned into the arms of romance novels and my heart was won.

(Which is not to say that I don’t — like some wayward Beatrice Small heroine — occasionally step out on my beloved romances to dabble with some other worthy genre.)

Romances had all the things I loved about SFF — high stakes, strong characterization, occasional swords, and LOTS of dashing — but there was also kissing! And romances offered one major component I didn’t always find in my SFF back in the day: the woman’s story. In romances, the heroines were adventuring…

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Random prezzies







So this came in the mail yesterday:

Jessa Slade Dark Hunter's Touch UK


It’s always a joy when a book arrives unexpectedly on the doorstep. It’s like the start of some wild adventure! Who knows where it will take us?! (Well, technically I know where it will take us since I wrote part of it.)

My contribution to the anthology is DARK HUNTER’S TOUCH, the first of the Steel Born books. Since it was originally released as a Harlequin Nocturne Bites, it was an e-book only, so it’s fun to see it in print, at least in the UK via Mills & Boon.

Happy reading! Or as they say in Britain… Happy reading!

I had a dream I was pregnant with 3 elephant babies.

I guess it would’ve been worse if I’d been pregnant with three elephant adults, but it was still pretty bad.

So there I am, expecting elephant triplets. I’m wearing a pencil skirt and stiletto heels — you know, as one does when one is pregnant with pachyderms — AND I was trying to climb a super rickety ladder up to a high bookshelf.

The dream was a message from my subconscious that I am trying to do too much and that I’m about to burst. I’m, like, thanks, subconscious. I wouldn’t have known that if you hadn’t seen fit to send me such a subtle, subtexty message.

But I really am trying to get a lot done, and I’ll be releasing more info in the coming days about these projects that have been keeping me and my subconscious busy. Stay tuned…