In Love with New York

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I’m posting a bit late since I just returned from a week in New York City. I was attending a published author conference and had SO MUCH FUN!… I mean, it was sooooo much work. (Just in case my XY is reading this.)


Our conference hotel was the Millennium Broadway just off Times Square. I feel like I am not a complete rube, but in New York, I am definitely a country mouse. So many people in such a compact space — there are actual pedestrian traffic jams — make me just a little crazy. But the energy is undeniable. Or maybe that’s all the power pulsing through the light bulbs on Times Square.


Since DARKNESS UNDONE officially released last Tuesday, I did a stock

signing tour of every bookstore in Manhattan I could find that carried a copy of the book. If you live in the New York area, you can find signed copies of DARKNESS UNDONE at almost all the Barnes & Nobles. You’ll find me lurking in the vicinity of Nalini Singh and Gena Showalter.


My roommate, historical authorDelilah Marvelle and I hiked all over NYC. I Google Pedometered our route afterward; we hiked 8.5 MILES! Truly pounding pavement. But the sore feet were well worth it starting off with breakfast with fabulous bookseller, Stacey ofPosman Books. Not only does the store have a glorious romance section, it is located in Grand Central Station. How cool is that?


I also had the chance to meet Carla from Book Monster Reviews who along with book friend Karina joined me, Laurie London and Erin Kellison for a beautiful spring day in Bryant Park.


We sat for a couple hours, talking about books and eating Crumbs Bake Shopcupcakes. I think that might qualify as a little slice of heaven. Although the black bottom cheesecake brownie cupcake contains over a thousand calories (according to the placard at the shop) I felt entirely justified because of the aforementioned 8.5 MILES.

Jessa-Slade_library-quoteFrom the New York Central Library, a quote  from John Milton:

A good book is the precious lifeblood of a master spirit, embalmed and treasured up on purpose to a life beyond life.

I’m sure he would have added friends and cupcakes too, had he thought about it.

I brought back some goodies to share (no cupcakes though) and am doing a giveaway through my newsletter. Sign up here.

Ah, New York, I miss you already.

Book lovin’

So look what came in the mail! If you look closely, you’ll see my demon-red eyes beautifully match the color of the font in DARKNESS UNDONE.

Having the fourth book of the Marked Souls in hand is almost surreal. I wonder if New York Times bestselling multipublished authors ever get tired of popping open that box of new books? I bet not. Unless they are ebook authors, in which case the fun is popping open a new email with the fully-formatted pdf/mobi/epub/etc.

And speaking of electronic presents, look what a Twitter link brought me:

“…I fell in love. With the characters, with the series, with the very concept. It left me with a need to read.. and read.. and read some more. Of course I have the next two books, Forged in Shadows and Vowed in Shadows already on my kindle and I am ready to go!”

You can read the rest of Tea and Book’s spectacular review of SEDUCED BY SHADOWS, Marked Souls 1, here. It was kind of beautiful to have the new book in hand while the first book is out finding new readers.

This was a good day to be a writer!

Writing the Career of Your Heart

I’m guest posting at Savvy Authors today about making choices.

Once upon a time (like, five whole years ago) aspiring authors talked about writing the books of their hearts. When the discussion arose, the writers debated the relative merits of BotH (books of the heart) versus commercial books. Writing to the market– or so the conversation went– presupposed a better chance of commercial acceptability, but a BotH would be more likely to achieve breakout success with its passion and originality.

With the rise of self-publishing, the debate has waned. BotHs that wouldn’t stand a chance in New York are finding life in the e world. The angst of spec writing has lessened now that writers have more options for “unwanted” stories. Instead, I think the conversation is about writing the CAREER of your heart…

Read more at Savvy Authors, which BTW is a great place to learn more about your writing career options.