Summer at the Oregon coast

Been away for a few days for a family trip to the beach. It was wonderful: a little windy at times — by “a little”, I mean sandblasting, but the southern Oregon coast is wild and scenic, which means bring a jacket — and it was beautifully sunny.

Did a little hiking, a little tidepooling, a little rock collecting. Monster Girl was completely wiped out, and so was I. All that fresh air!  I love summer.

Nothing says sci fi like planetary flares

I’m working on a cover for a science fiction romance in my Sheerways series. Whaddaya think so far? I’m thinking J.J. Abrams might be interested. Just FYI I would TOTALLY help write anything Star Wars/Trekkie! (Spoiler alert: There will be waaaaaaay more kissing in mine!)

Lord of Lens Flares

Colors of late October

Been putting the garden to bed for the winter, but there’s still a bit of color left, here and there. Reds and yellows turning to brown, but still lots of green. Especially the kale. I suspect nothing will kill the kale.

The apple was from the last day of the farmers’ market near me. I’ve never eaten a pink-fleshed apple before. Of course I promptly forgot the name, but it’s crisp and fairly sweet with a bit of dryness. Quite tasty in salad.

I also ate a strawberry and a raspberry from the garden. Silly fruits, there’s not enough sunlight to make sugar. Go to sleep and I’ll see you in the spring.