MARKED SOULS (urban fantasy romance)

The war between good and evil has raged for millennia, but now evil is winning, and the Marked Souls are caught in the middle…

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Praise for the Marked Souls:

“DARK AND SEXY AND INTENSE.” ~ New York Times Bestselling Author Nalini Singh “WONDERFULLY ADDICTIVE!” ~ New York Times Bestselling Author Gena Showalter “A CHILLING, COMPLEX, AND UTTERLY BELIEVABLE WORLD.” ~ Award-winning Author Jeri Smith Ready “[A] RICH CROSSOVER URBAN FANTASY” ~ Publishers Weekly Click to jump ahead DICTIONARY OF TERMS MUSIC FROM THE WORLD VISUALIZE THIS DICTIONARY OF TERMS: abraxas: An angelic-possessed’s blessed weapon. ahāzum: A gathering of djinn; forbidden since the First Battle. ascendant: The rise of a demon within a possessed human; refers to the initial incident of possession and subsequent risings. birnenston: Also, brimstone. A sulfuric compound leached from some demonic emanations interacting with the human realm. desolator numinis: “Soul cleaver”; a demonic weapon. djinni: djinn (pl.): Upper echelon of demonkind; fallen angels who are content to stay fallen. djinn-man: A human possessed by a djinni. ether: The elemental energy of spiritual and demonic emanations. feralis: ferales (pl.): Lesser demonic emanation encased in a physical shell of mutated human-realm material. Physically strong, but not so impressive in the brains department. heshuka: The unknown darkness; from Aramaic. horde-tenebrae: Blanket term for lesser demonic emanations, including malice, ferales, and salambes. Also, tenebrae. ichor: A physical by-product of demonic emanations not compatible with the human realm. league: Isolated clusters of possessed fighters assigned to high-density human-population areas with the mission of reducing demonic activity. malice: Incorporeal lesser emanation from the demon realm, typically small and animalistic in shape with protohuman intelligence. mated-talyan bond: The synergistic combination of male and female possessed powers. reven: The permanent visible epidermal mark left by an ascended demon. salambe: Highly emanating demonic form from the same subspecies as malice. solvo: A chemical version of the desolator numinis; produces opiatelike effects in humans while splitting off the soul. sphericanum: The realm of angels, separated from the human realm by the gates of heaven. Also used in reference to the ruling body of angelic powers. symballein: A token, such as an engraved metal disk, that is broken into two pieces and used to establish identity when reunited; from Greek. talya: talyan (pl.): 1. Sacrificial lamb; a young man (Aramaic). 2. A human, typically male, possessed by a repentant demon. tenebrae: Blanket term for lesser demonic emanations, including malice, ferales, and salambes. Also, horde-tenebrae. tenebraeternum: The demon realm, separated from the human realm by the Veil. teshuva: A repentant demon seeking to return to a state of grace. Veil: An etheric barrier between the human and demon realms and composed of captured souls. AUDITORY INSPIRATION Vodpod videos no longer available.

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