DARKNESS UNDONE blog tour posts

It’s always amusing to see how many ways an author can twist and turn to avoid repeating herself on blog tour for her book launch. In my case, you can make a drinking game out of how many times I repeat “demon-possessed warrior.” Do a shot for every reference to “rippling abs.”

Grab a bottle of your favorite beverage and see how I did by following the links below:

March 1: I’m at Book Monster Reviews today talking about the visual side of writing.

March 2: Mayhem at SciFi Guy! Choose your favorite weapon!

March 5: I’m being interviewed at My Bookish Ways (hopefully sounding erudite and/or readable). And check out the fabulous review!:

“Jessa Slade has created a rich, dark, complex world and populated it with equally complex characters.”
My Bookish Ways

March 6: Wherein I reveal that I am a terrible liar at Paranormal Freebies.

March 7: Sharing the love for nerd heroes with the Book Reading Gals.

March 8: The important of first — and second — kisses at Romanceaholic.

March 9: “Clothes make the man” (so where are my heroes’ shirts?!) at Seeing Night.

March 12: Seeing the good in bad guys at Good Choice Reading.

March 13: Pull up a chair, a book, and a cup of tea at Tea & Book.

March 14: Delving historically deep with Vanessa Kelly.


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