FREEEEE on Amazon!

Hotter on the EdgeHOTTER ON THE EDGE, the science fiction romance anthology I’m in with awesome authors Erin Kellison and KC Klein, went free at Amazon. Probably for a short time, so get it while it’s HOTTER!

Download here. And please tell your SFR-loving reader friends! Happy reading!

How a first listing on Amazon is like regaining your virginity

Apparently, revirgination is all the rage these days.

But I’m going the cheaper route — which also doesn’t involve scalpels — but just going ahead and selling a debut novel on Amazon.  Right away, you feel “touched for the very first time.”  As I mused on Facebook:

1. The world seems fresh and new.
2. You get a “promise ring.” What? You didn’t get a promise ring? Slut!
3. You have to tell everybody.
4. I’m too old to be a virgin again.
5. Okay, really, being on Amazon for the first time ISN’T like being a virgin again. My mistake.

Corey J. McKenzie added:

6. And when it doesn’t go as well as you’d imagined, you hope next time it’ll be better.

More insights as they occur.

I exist!

SEDUCED BY SHADOWS is now officially listed on Amazon.  Bare bones only at the moment.  Can a cover be far behind?

No, really, can a cover be far behind?  I’m asking.

(Note to self: SBS started Amazon life ranked at 356,759.)
(Second note to self: Find out what that means, exactly. Suckage, one presumes.)