What possessed you?

Do you ever ask yourself — right after you’ve done something, er, morally questionable — what on earth possessed me?

What if the answer really was: A demon?

I don’t believe that, of course.  I think we are all responsible for our own actions.*  Trying to blame supernatural beings — the devil made me do it! — for the uglinesses of which we are capable seems lower than even the Devil himself would stoop.

But…  What if?  Here’s a quiz, based on the world of the Marked Souls, to answer that question: What possessed you?



screen shot

Click on the image above to get started.

Leave the name of your demon in comments and you’ll be entered to win a copy of SEDUCED BY SHADOWS.  Post the link to the quiz (http://tinyurl.com/demonrepent) on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, your blog, or wherever, and leave a  comment saying where you posted, and you’ll be entered again in a second, separate drawing.  Winners will be notified on Wednesday September 23.

Good luck with that stain on your soul.