At the Oregon Coast for a writing retreat and went for a sunset walk to work out some plot problems. On the walkway, found a downed nest and the baby birds on the ground. 😦

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Plot problems on hold. The nest was in bad shape, missing part of its bottom. Dug through the rental place’s junk drawer and found a face mask and some picture wire. Strung the mask into some branches near where the nest fell and wired the nest into the mask.

With the babies nestled together, the nest was very warm to the touch. And when I put them back in the tree*, they started calling. So I’m hoping the parents hear them and find them. Because the sun is going down.

Good luck, little birds. Back to plotting.

* Not sure what kind of birds they are. Hopefully, they are one of the species where the babies actually leave the nest early and hop around on the ground for a few days before getting the rest of their feathers. In which case they’ll have to jump out of the nest again because I’m an interfering human. Sorry, little birds.